Use case

I'm building a custom website or software application

Anything is possible. If you're building a custom website, simply connect to one of the payment gateways below via their API. If you're building an application, let one of the developer tools below handle billing for you.

Bambora API

A great option for simple setups that's easy to implement thanks to Bambora's helpful docs and support.

Price: Free through Discount Payments API

A more advanced solution for all your payment needs. is a full featured, award winning payment gateway with more than 430,000 merchants. It's an extremely powerful platform that can do anything you need.

Price: $15/month through Discount Payments


A complete billing toolbox and platform for software as a service businesses. From simple subscriptions to complex usage & events-based models to accounting and analytics, let Chargify handle it so you can focus on your product.

Discount Payments connects to Chargify.

Price: See Chargify website
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